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City of Greenville Bus Operator in Greenville, South Carolina

Brief Description of the JobOperates a bus through light to heavy City traffic, for the purpose of carrying passengers in a safe manner and in accordance with the City, County, State, and Federal laws, as well as City rules and policies. Collects fare, assists ADA passengers as needed while safely performing operation procedures. Monitors bus, weather conditions, and safety of passengers.Essential FunctionsOperate Transit Bus (30%): Operate Transit Bus/Cutaway Bus in a safe, proficient manner by applying brakes, starting and stopping engine. Ensure all City, County, State, and Federal laws are adhered to. Assist persons with disabilities onto and off the wheelchair lift, operate ADA lift/ramp; secure ADA wheelchairs as required. Adhere to the Greenlink Operations Handbook. Ensure AVL system is logged in. Ensure driver area is clean at the end of each shift. Evacuate passengers in need during emergency situations. Assist in the training of new drivers as assigned. Actively participate in the reporting of safety issues and concerns that are observed during the course of essential job functions.Perform Customer Service (25%): Provide information in a courteous manner to passengers regarding routes, schedules, transfers, and fares. Make public address announcements in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. Act as a front-line point of contact to ensure delivery of quality customer service. Ensure an adequate supply of transfers for the customers.Maintain Schedule and Assure Proper Fare Collection (25%): Operate the buses on a schedule route in a manner that provides for the maximum possible safety to passengers while maintaining the scheduled time points. Effectively utilize paddles, manifests and other information, to follow routes and meet time points. Coordinate detour, accident and incident information to radio dispatch, and respond to instructions given. Operate GFI Fare boxes to assure proper collection of fares including full-ride, tickets, passes, half-fares, and special service fares.Monitor Physical Condition of Vehicle, Perform Inspections, and File Reports (20%): Observe all conditions of vehicle while driving including lights, mirrors, door, fare box, brake pressure, tire condition, heater, and/or air conditioner. Report any mechanical problem immediately. Comply with all state and local laws pertaining to the operation of the vehicle. Safely and efficiently operate equipment on buses, including fare boxes, wheelchair lifts, radio, and emergency equipment. Assure the cleanliness of the interior and seating area. Conduct and document a thorough pre-trip inspection of the vehicle prior to operation on a daily basis as per Greenlink and State regulations. Comply with all company safety rules and operate assigned vehicles. Complete post-trip inspection at the end of each shift. File necessary reports in case of an accident or incident with assigned vehicle or an injury to passengers and operators. Submit verbal and written reports on accidents or incidents required. Serve as a subject matter expert on Greenlinks Safety Committee as required.Perform other duties as assigned.Job RequirementsFormal Education: High school diploma or equivalent is required.Experience: ON THE JOB TRAINING QUALIFIED (applicants interested without required licenses or experience are encouraged to apply if they have the desire to learn and grow in the field and OJT will be provided)Over one year of bus driving experience or completion of the City of Greenville Bus Operator in Training Program is required. Previous driving experience as a bus operator with a transit system, or as an over the road coach operator is preferred.Drivers License Required: Class B CDL South Carolina license with passenger endorsement and no air brake restriction.Certifications and Other Requirements: CDL Medical Examiners Certificate.Knowledge, Skills, and AbilitiesKnowledge: Work requires a comprehensive practical knowledge of a technical